A Little About Janet L. Hall


I’m a busy, happy, healthy, prosperous, blessed woman!


I have three passions: 1) having a healthy body, environment and relationships, 2) computers, web sites, Internet marketing, and 3) teaching others how to do, be and have the same … if they want them. I have many years of experience in these fields and below you will find my bio’s for life and learning.


My company, OverHall Consulting, was born in 1996 (and has become a multi-discipline, multi-dimensional, micro-enterprise) I began my journey of becoming a business owner. While “searching” for what I wanted to do after working for Corporate America (I worked in the IT field as a trainer and support person) for so long, I became a bartender/restaurant manager in Washington DC for eight years, then I moved to the county in the early 90’s! Just like the old 1965 – 1971 TV show, “Green Acres” (that broadcast on CBS ) theme song:


Green acres (Calvert County) is the place to be
Farm living is the life for me
Land spreading out,
so far and wide
Keep Manhattan (Washington DC),
just give me that countryside.


Although our home wasn’t falling down like in the TV show, I started out with my boyfriend, now hubbie, in a very small home with only two tiny “coat” closets; however the massive land around us made up for the smallness of the home. We had a grass airstrip across the street and virtually no neighbors. Our landlord owned so much land and we would plow for him, cut the grounds, and we had quite a plot of our own for growing our food, flowers, and herbs!


I eventually gave up my bartender/restaurant manager job in DC and started a “pick your own vegetables”, a vegetable stand and even sold veggies and herbs to local stands and restaurants, and even sold to some restaurants in good old DC. Life was wonderful!


I adore, love, honor, and respect nature (and you my friend are nature!) I am honored to give service to those that need it and want it, that want to be, do, or have, that can “see, believe, and you can achieve it” … you just might need a  little help – that’s ok ‘cuz we all do at one time or another, I know I did and still do!


I’m a very positive person and I believe words are very powerful, so I do NOT like certain words (i.e. try, can’t, but, need, fear, have to, and more —you might find some of those words in my older writings and even here; how ever I’m learning and I have not had the time to re-write).


I also don’t care for the titles (however What you think of me is none of my business) that are given me or others or others that give it to themselves: Jack of all Trades and I Wear Many Hats. It took me a long time to get my identity and weave together all that I love, love to do, and live. It took even longer to know what to call myself, other then the titles people gave me or I gave myself. Then I recalled when I first meet Robert Allen (One Minute Millionaire co-author) and also well know for Multiple Streams of Income.


And recently I saw an piece on Ryan Seacrest American radio personality, television host, network producer and voice actor; more properly known as the host of American Idol) and how he has four, that I can locate on the web, or maybe seven (that’s what I recall from the biography of Ryan), count them … 1) host of On Air with Ryan Seacrest, 2) internationally syndicated chart show American Top 40, 3) hosts E! News and 4) American Idol JOBS! You don’t hear them, or other diversified, successful business people like them,  telling everyone that they “wear many hats” or think or even considered “Jack of all Trades”! So why should I, or you for that matter in case you are multi-dimensional?


What I do and offer, and others similar to me, is “don’t put all my eggs in one basket” or “are multi-dimensional, micro-enterprise” and that is great! I have been called by my local paper in an interview on February, 2010 “a complementary medicine polymath” …. and I consider that a complaint.


I do what I do because I love all that I do!


Yes I do wear many hats, as we all do, whether in business, a home manager, or a parent. And sometimes we need help, assistance, training and even intervention.


If you need assistance, whether with your health, home, office, business, or web site and marketing please contact me. I’d love to talk to you about how I might be able to assist you.


Now on to my training, experience and work experience if you care to keep reading …


Healing and Energy Work Experience (Partial List)

Web Development and Business Work Experience (Partial List)

College of Southern Maryland: Personal Enrichment Programs (2006 - current)College of Southern Maryland: Corporate Center - Word, PowerPoint, Developed a series of five classes for creating a web site in WordPress, Social Media, Creating Newsletters, and Creating Products to Sell on the Internet (2009 - current)
OverHall Consulting: On-site and via phone - coaching, presentations, healing, training, organization, feng shui, time management. (1996 - current)OverHall Consulting: On-site and via phone - coaching, training, virtual web master, web site developer (1999 - current)
Feng Shui Institute of America: Mentor and Presentations in Clutter, Business Applications, and Web Sites. (2003-current)DC Government: Presentation - Getting Rid of Clutter (2010)
Inner Equinox: Presentations and Healing Sessions (2000 - current)EEOC: Presentation - Getting Rid of Clutter (2010)
U.S. Census Bureau: Presentation - Getting Rid of Clutter (2009)
Prince George's County Offices: Presentation - Getting Rid of Clutter (2008)

Holistic Healing Training

Web Site and Business Development Training

American Institute of Holistic Health (current): Working on a Bachelors Degree in HealTheology. Studies have included Discovering Aromatherapy, Legal Administration, Therapeutic Massage, Light and Music Therapy, Chakra Therapy, Introduction to Reflexology, Therapeutic Nutrition, and Healing with Color (current)
WebDesign.com : Studing with Benjamin Bradley and other experts for WordPress Development and various aspects of Web Sites (Member and Online Study - 2009 - current)
Red Moon SE Wise Womens Herbal Conference: Studied Everyday Vitality - Adaptogens (Jessica Godino), Herb Walk: Edible Wild Plants (Corinna Wood), Chinese Herbal Medicine (Jessica Godino), Cherokee Medicine (Dr. Jody Noe), Chakra Healing (Laurel Mamet) (North Carolina - 2010)Coaching and Membership Programs: Studied with Matthew Gillogly (Charlotte, NC - 2008)
Quantum Touch: Basic Quantum Touch with Steve Carter (Maryland - 2009)Membership Site Bootcamp: Studied with Tim Kerber and Ryan Lee (Home Study - 2008)
Enchanted Walkabout Facilitator Training: Studied with founder John Springer (Florida - 2009)Adwords Coaching: Studied with Perry Marshall (Home Study and teleseminars - 2007)
Herbalist Susun Weed: Talking with Plants (Woodstock, NY - 2008), Menopausal Allies, Herbal First Aid: The Wise Woman Way, Hands on Herbal Medicine (Home Study - 2009-current)Tom Antion: Studied personally with Tom in his home, teleseminars, and his Internet Marketing Retreat Center. Much of what I know regarding the Internet and professional speaking I owe to him! (Maryland and Virginia - 1999-current)
The Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education, Inc. (CARE): Studied Essential Oil Chemistry, Emotional Release with Essential Oils, Applied VitaFlex, Healing Oils of the Bible, and Raindrop I and II. (Mer and Joanna Barrett: Pennslyvania - 2008)The Internet Marketing Center: Studied with the late Corey Rudl (Yanik Silver's 50th (Orlando, FL) and Home Study - 2000)
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) : Studied with Gary Craig Foundational EFT and Intermediate EFT (Home Study - 2008-current)The Big Seminar (Internet Marketing): Speakers included Armand Morin, Robert Allen, Janet Switzer, and others (Las Vegas, NV - 1999)
Certified Reiki Master/Teacher (2008), Reiki Level II (2003), and Reiki I (2002) Studied with Rev. Sharron Oliver (Maryland)
Certificate of Ordination/Order of Melchizedek: Ordained by Rev. Dan Chesbro (Maryland - 2006)
Eden Energy Medicine/Energy Kinesiology: Studied with Donna Eden (San Diego, CA - 2006)
Certified Feng Shui Practitioner: Studied with Nancilee Wydra, founder of Pyramid Feng Shui and The feng Shui Institute of America (Florida - 2002) Since 2002 have taken advanced classes and became a faculty member and mentor for the school. Currently working towards my Master designation.
National Association of Professional Organizers: Member for several years and attended and presented at several NAPO conference's.