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OverHall: Your Recipe for a Richer and Simpler Life Providing solutions for healthier bodies and environments through a variety of modalities, that include: EFT, Tapping, Energy Checking, Energy Medicine, Reiki, Quantum-Touch, Space Clearing, Clutter Clearing, Organizing, Productivity, and Feng Shui. Articles & Products.Kick Start Web Sites: Computer Training, Web Site and Web Blog Developing, Coaching, Articles and Products to help women and small business owners succeed at doing business on the Internet.
Healing Hearts Energy Center: Services and techniques for moving and healing the energy of you and place. Energy Medicine, Energy Dance, Feather Medicine, Sea Shell Healing, Reiki & Healing Touch, Quantum-Touch, Tapping & EFT, Aromatherapy, Sound & Color Healing, De-Cluttering, Organization, Space Clearing, Feng Shui, Energy Moving Life Makeover Coaching, Events, classes and walkabouts. Located in Southern MD.

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Become a Professional Organizer: Instant download ebook on how to become a professional organizer and setting up your business.U Gotta Look At This: Video blog training for WordPress, plugins, video, and other aspects of running and maintaining your web site.
Young Living Oils: Independent Distributor. Used in environment and for person. Oils & Blends, Bath, Shower & Hygiene, Skin Care and Supplements for everyday use.Click Home the Bacon: Solutions and Training for Women, Small Business Owners and People new to the Internet get a web site, get on the Internet and market their web site.
Got Bedroom Clutter? A site dedicated to getting your bedroom de-cluttered and organized once and for all. Articles, Tips, Ebook and Organizational Products.OverHall IT! Here in OverHall IT! Say YES to Life!™ together we’ll start living more simple lives and have better health for ourselves and our spaces by making the changes we need in order to live “in the now” and “on purpose”.
Amazon Herbs: Independent Distributor. Clear Your Mind, Brighten Your Day. Rainforest, Certified, Organic Herbs.Organize It! Blog Weekly to monthly updates on stuff & me. Great finds, how-to articles, & some of my journey, ramblings & going’s on.
Organize Your Closet in a Weekend or Less! Special Downloadable Report.Nature Healings: The teaching, sharing and ramblings of some of my friends and me talking about things in nature that are healing, such as herbs, flowers, beekeeping, enchanted walkabouts and more!
Feng Shui Your Office: Get more clients and have more prosperity. Whether you have a home office, private office with a view or a cubicle, own the company or business or are an employee, applying feng shui will help create an environment that supports you in your work. Multi Media Program.
Exfuze: Independent Distributor. Botanical Extracts Fused Together for Powerful Health Drinks. Natural Energy, Increased Mental Focus, Stress Relief, Endurance and Strength, Sleep GOOD!
Need a Tickler File? If You’re Not Using a Tickler File Then You’re Probably Always Looking for Your Papers!
Home Paper Clutter: Find out what the IRS really wants you to keep. Tips, tools and course for your home paper clutter.
Messy Vehicle? Organizing tools and products to keep your car clean and items organized.
Organized for School: For parents, teachers and students. Tools and tips for organizing, time management and feng shui home and school environments.
Clutter and Debt: Effortless Freedom from Clutter and Debt Ebook. Written by Janet Hall and Paula Langguth Ryan. Effortless Freedom From Clutter and Debt is truly a monumental book. This is the FIRST book to combine debt reduction, organizing, time management and prosperity principles all in one place. The result is truly astonishing. In 20 minutes or less, you can take control of your clutter and debt. In 20 minutes or less, you will gain an easy and effortless way to create perfect balance in your life.